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Advanced Control Systems Supplies Substation Integration/Automation Systems for International Transmission

International Transmission Company of Novi, Michigan, awarded a contract to Advanced Control Systems (ACS) for up to 150 substation integration/automation systems. The blanket agreement was worth an estimated $1.8 million; delivery of the systems was recently completed.

Working closely with International Transmission and its contractors, ACS accelerated manufacturing and testing to compress an already aggressive schedule down to 12 months. The first systems were delivered in July 2004; an average of 12 units per month followed.

The project uses ACS substation systems configured in five general sizes. These range from small (single 32-bit CPU Ethernet Gateway with 7000-point capacity and minimum local I/O) to large (Ethernet Gateway and multiple 32-bit Quad Serial IED/Master Gateways, each capable of handling a 7000 point database across any or all ports, with an abundance of local I/O).

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