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Evluma's Photocontrol Failsafe Technology for Outdoor LED Lighting

June 9, 2021
Photocontrol Failsafe recovers street lights from a failed photocontrol with no intervention.

Evluma innovation solves photocontrol failures with Photocontrol Failsafe. Each Evluma luminaire leaves the factory programmed for the general location of the end user. When you install the luminaire, install a photocontrol as you normally would. Over time, the input from the photocontrol calibrates the AreaMax or OmniMax (Premium) to its unique location and lighting conditions. Should the photocontrol fail, the AreaMax will continue to cycle based on the information it has collected eliminating a maintenance visit and guaranteeing continuous operation. No other streetlight offers this technology and is a key reason why AreaMax is the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership luminaire on the market.

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Photo by Shaun Helman, Power Vision Productions)