Riverside California

Riverside Public Utilities to Upgrade to AMI

Dec. 20, 2019
RPU selected Tantalus Systems as its smart grid solutions partner to leverage existing infrastructure while planning for future innovation.

Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) in Southern California selected Tantalus Systems as its smart grid solutions partner for its community of 320,000 residents. The RPU will leverage Tantalus’ advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) across its electric distribution network. The decision came as a result of the RPU’s plans to leverage its existing infrastructure while simultaneously planning for future innovation.

Of particular importance was the need to make the most of the RPU’s investments in encoder-receiver-transmitter (ERT) metering technology. Tantalus’ solutions will allow the RPU to transform its operations into a digital platform capable of supporting multiple applications that improve customer service and deliver reliable power to attract new businesses to its community.

As part of its efforts to plan for the future, the RPU selected the Tantalus ERT Overlay solution that permits a phased migration from the existing ERT one-way communication meter reading system to a full two-way communication AMI system. This migration will enhance customer service, boost customer satisfaction, improve reliability, and increase operational efficiency for the utility.

“After conducting a comprehensive technology review process, the RPU is eager to use Tantalus’ multi-application platform, TUNet, to support our immediate needs while also planning for the future,” said Jennifer Tavaglione, senior project manager at the RPU. “Tantalus’ commitment to public power utilities, such as the RPU, will enable our team to leverage existing assets, establish clear pathways toward future innovation, and allow us to improve the safety, prosperity, and autonomy of the communities we serve.”

“Our solutions are co-created with and purpose-built for public power and electric cooperative utilities which are confronted with a unique set of challenges,” said Peter Londa, president and CEO of Tantalus Systems. “Partnering with the RPU to deliver a technology solution that is completely aligned with their goals and objectives provides Tantalus with an opportunity to further demonstrate our team’s ability to empower utilities to help their communities thrive.”

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