EnergyIP f��r das Z��hlerdatenmanagement von ConEd / EnergyIP meter data management software for ConEd

Con Edison MDM to Premier Near Real-Time Meter Data Processing

Nov. 10, 2017
Siemens and Omnetric to help Con Ed with smart meter software, which will manage nearly five million meters by 2022

To transform to a new energy system with New York's "Reforming the Energy Vision" (REV) strategy, Con Edison and Orange & Rockland Utilities have begun their advanced metering rollout, a key element of both utilities’ support of the goal of reorienting New York's power supply industry to increase grid efficiency, minimize the susceptibility of the power supply system to environmental disasters, and to improve the state’s CO2 footprint.

Both utilities, part of Consolidated Edison of NY, completed their successful initial implementation of Siemens EnergyIP meter data management software. The software solution was implemented by Omnetric Group, the Siemens and Accenture technology services company, dedicated to the energy sector.

Con Edison's program aims to use power consumption information to improve grid reliability and reduce outages, empower customer engagement, and facilitate the integration of renewable energy resources onto the grid. In use since early June 2017, the EnergyIP data hub makes Con Edison one of the first energy providers in the United States capable of recording and processing electric power meter data in near real-time.

"Our collaboration with Omnetric Group and Siemens means EnergyIP is now an integral part of New York's future energy system, helping us meet the targets for our smart metering project today and for the broader New York State 'Reforming the Energy Vision' goals in the future," said Jamie Prettitore, Director, Advanced Metering Infrastructure at Con Edison.

Previously, Con Edison and Orange & Rockland employees read the data directly on the meters. Today, with the EnergyIP solution, Omnetric Group has enabled the utility to automatically query the smart meters every 15 minutes to retrieve consumption data and prepare it for billing their power and gas customers. The EnergyIP platform also uses complex data analyses and sophisticated algorithms to ensure that power outages on the grid can be localized and eliminated faster than ever before. In addition, the data can be forwarded to the energy market in real-time to optimize the integration and regulation of renewable energy sources.

More details are available at this link.

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