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Grid Modernization Plan in Massachusetts: National Grid selects Itron

July 27, 2016
National Grid has proposed use of Itron’s OpenWay smart grid platform in Massachusetts.

National Grid has recommended Itron as its Advanced Metering Functionality (AMF) solution provider in Massachusetts, as part of its 10-year Grid Modernization plan to be submitted for Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approval.

National Grid has proposed use of Itron’s OpenWay smart grid platform in Massachusetts, to meet AMF objectives of its Grid Modernization Plan, which include access to near real-time data, outage and restoration notification, and two-way communication and control capabilities. AMF will enable improved outage management, demand optimization, distributed resource integration, and optimization of workforce and asset management.

As part of the AMF proposal, Itron would also design and implement a comprehensive communications network and cyber security infrastructure.

Following a successful pilot program in Worcester, Massachusetts, National Grid’s proposal could bring Itron’s smart grid technology to the rest of its 1.3 million customers in Massachusetts. [Editor’s note: The Worcester pilot program was the source of key IT/OT “lessons learned,” as described by National Grid’s VP Chris Kelly, in a July 2016 TDW article about IT/OT integration.]

The proposed multi-purpose network will support multiple smart grid applications. If approved, National Grid will be positioned to enhance the reliability and resiliency of electricity service in the face of increasingly extreme weather, and empower consumers with opportunities to better manage and reduce electricity costs. Proposed applications under the plan include:

  • Grid monitoring
  • Volt VAR optimization
  • Advanced distribution automation
  • Demand response
  • Distributed generation
  • Theft detection
  • Smart metering
  • Consumer programs

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Rick’s additional comments directly referencing Worcester’s pilot, which he already approved, that we did not use the IT / OT article, are still in his interview article which I sent you on July 7.

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