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Opower Surpasses 400 Billion Meter Reads Worldwide

May 14, 2015
Forty percent of U.S. homes now analyzed by Opower

Opower's platform has surpassed 400 billion meter reads. Opower now analyzes 40 percent of all residential energy consumption data generated in the United States. This volume of data uniquely positions Opower to detect new behavioral patterns and help optimize existing utility analytics.

“The sheer amount of our data enables us to identify trends that no one else can,” said Dan Yates, CEO of Opower. “Thanks to our data lead, we have been able to help utilities lower cost to serve and meet efficiency goals, while improving customer satisfaction. We have consistently seen that more data allows us to have greater insight into utilities and their customers.”

Opower’s platform uses energy data from over 55 million energy customers aggregated from nearly 100 utilities worldwide. Opower’s innovative capabilities include:

  • Segmenting customers based on load type: using Opower’s data warehouse and other third party data, utilities can segment customers based on the times of day they use the most energy. These load curve archetypes enable utilities to design marketing and outreach programs based on actual consumer behavior.
  • Delivering predictable outcomes: the volume of data enables much more accurate forecasting of results across each of Opower’s solutions -- Energy Efficiency, Behavioral Demand Response, Digital Engagement and Customer Care.
  • Unlocking insights: Opower's state of the art software infrastructure and Hadoop-based data store allows for large data processing high speeds. This gives utilities faster, more reliable access to insights from customer data to help inform their programs.

These capabilities are enabled by Opower’s technology platform, Opower 6.

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