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AutoGrid and Intertrust Partner to Improve Trust and Fluidity of Business-Critical Electric Grid Data

Aug. 25, 2021
AutoGrid to offer AI-powered energy flexibility management via Intertrust’s grid planning platform.

AutoGrid, the leader in AI-powered energy flexibility management software, and Intertrust, the leading data rights management software company announced a partnership to add AutoGrid’s Flex product to the Intertrust CleanGrid  toolkit.

Intertrust CleanGrid is an open, modular toolkit that provides utilities and city planners with the capability of planning rapid infrastructure upgrades using data sets owned by multiple parties that are subject to privacy and other regulations. Infrastructure upgrades are expanding as climate change impacts energy systems across the planet, and many nations bring their infrastructure into the 21st century. Big Data, AI and IoT based technologies are playing a major role in these upgrades.

The Biden Administration in the U.S. and governments around the world are actively funding the modernization of the electrical energy system to support decarbonization and resiliency goals. AutoGrid’s advanced AI-powered flexibility management software provides energy asset owners, utilities and other clean energy ecosystem players a platform to optimize their energy assets and enable mission-critical clean energy applications. These include solutions such as demand/response optimization systems, distributed energy resource (DER) management, and virtual power plants. These systems rely on advanced algorithms as well as secure and trusted access to a wealth of data streaming from myriads of devices and sensors. Through the partnership with Intertrust CleanGrid, AutoGrid can further ensure both the trust and interoperability of these data flows.

“Data is the lifeblood powering AutoGrid Flex™ applications,” said Amit Narayan, chief executive officer, AutoGrid . “By partnering with Intertrust, we can help our customers increase both the trust and fluidity of their dataflows, making it even easier to expand the role of clean energy applications.”

Electrical energy systems are experiencing an exponential growth of IoT-enabled energy assets, especially decentralized assets such as renewable energy sources, energy storage systems and electric vehicles. The value of these assets can be increased via data-driven flexible asset management applications. Maintaining the security and trust of the data streams from these assets is of utmost importance. Ensuring data interoperability is also essential to avoid bottlenecks caused by data silos.

“Allowing our customers to do more with energy data is an ambition shared by both AutoGrid and Intertrust,” said Florian Kolb, Intertrust’s chief commercial officer and general manager, Energy. “There will be no clean energy without clean data, so I am thrilled that we have brought together some of the finest data technologies in the energy industry.”

Intertrust CleanGrid is an advanced data toolkit for energy companies and asset owners that provides unique trusted data interoperability and data governance features. CleanGrid allows customers to access, aggregate and govern multi-party data streams efficiently and securely. Using CleanGrid, data can be shared easily with various internal and external parties across the entire energy value chain.

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