Analytics in Action: What to Expect at Utility Analytics Summit 2018

April 5, 2018
This April 16-18 in Irvine, California, Utility Analytics Institute will host the 7th annual Utility Analytics Summit

This April 16-18 in Irvine, California, Utility Analytics Institute will host the 7th annual Utility Analytics Summit in partnership with Southern California Edison (click to Tweet). The event will host member Working Group meetings along with keynote sessions from customer experience and performance management expert Roy Barnes, customer analytics engineer Elias Pinto of Google Maps, SVP & CIO of Southern California Edison Todd Inlander, and 2-time International Champion Magician Ben Jackson. The event will also feature breakout sessions and panel discussions focused on analytics projects and initiatives that are driving the industry forward. Here’s what to expect:

Thinking about Machine Learning, the Cloud, and IoT—what do they really mean for utilities?

These terms have become ubiquitous when talking about analytics in the utility industry, but what do they really mean, and what types of specific use cases are utilities pursuing today? Speakers from Enbridge, First Energy, Consumers Energy, Duke Energy and host utility Southern California Edison will dive into the specifics when it comes to the adoption of advanced technologies.

A Focus on Company Culture & Change Management

Until recently, there is a whole lot of talk around analytics technology, but what about putting analytics into action? Speakers will talk about how they have successfully bridged the gap between people and technology—and the lessons they learned in the process.

Utilities using Analytics to Develop a Dynamic Customer Relationship

We all know that customer demands are rising, and that we are in an age where customer relationships are tracked increasingly through digital engagement and social media. But what specific tools and strategies can be adopted by utilities to effectively facilitate a strong digital relationship with customers, as well as attain the right data to make valuable decisions?

Connected assets, plants, and grids

How can utilities take advantage of information and data coming from a growing number of assets in the grid and in generation facilities? How can this data be analyzed next to external data sets to create value? We’ll hear from utilities and energy providers about how they are achieving breakthroughs in asset, generation, and grid management—from central generation facilities down to smart meters and DER.

Do these topics hit close to home? Check out the agenda, and register today for Utility Analytics Summit 2018 in Irvine, California.

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