Asset Management, Surveying and Mapping

NM Group will be on hand to demonstrate its latest technology solutions at IEEE PES T&D Conference and Expo.

NM Group is a specialist service provider of asset management, survey and mapping solutions to the power sector. Applying a range of remote sensing and geospatial technologies, it offers a full range of services from data acquisition through to network analytics.

NM Group will be on hand to demonstrate its latest technology solutions. Below is a list of some of topics it will be discussing:

New innovations: We are continuously developing new ways to help utilities lower costs and increase their efficiency. We are developing new applications for cutting edge technology and will be demonstrating this on our stand. Try out our augmented reality and virtual reality technology and find out how we are providing an end-to-end digital workflow for field maintenance.

  • 3D Asset Management: Serving clients an exact 3D world populated with asset information enhances productivity and leads to better, faster organizational decisions. The group has created a 3D asset management service, Caydence to deliver on that objective. 3D asset management provides a detailed understanding of the position and condition of your assets that can drive greater efficiencies for your system.
  • Utility vegetation management: Its service prioritizes vegetation encroachments, reduces operational costs and ensures regulatory compliance. It delivers the precise location of danger trees and potential infringement to improve vegetation management strategy. Analytics can provide risk location, risk severity, volume of cutting required and the number of tree canopies among many other key reports.
  • Thermal rating and line profiling: Its qualified powerline engineers deliver a comprehensive thermal rating validation and line clearance service. It can precisely identify any reliability issues and deliver PLS-CADD models to demonstrate regulatory compliance to NERC FAC-008 requirements.

For distribution networks, NM Group has developed a cost-effective workflow for collecting all-of-network asset information and line clearance profiles rapidly and at a lower price point.

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