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Schneider Electric Launches Extension for Connected Electrical Design Workflows

Nov. 30, 2022
Engineers and designers can work in one environment to develop designs that adhere to local and regional codes and standards.

Digital energy management firm Schneider Electric, unveiled Advanced Electrical Design for Autodesk Revit.

Schneider Electric formed BIM Electrical Corp. as result of its strategic partnership with Autodesk, a global leader in design and make technology, to bring this advanced BIM-based electrical design solution that integrates directly with Revit, creating a more complete and robust BIM solution that connects teams, data, and workflows across the entire electrical and new energy landscape project lifecycle.

With 40% of energy in 2040 expected to come from renewable sources, electrical engineers require new digital tools to help boost operational efficiency and sustainability efforts. This solution provides not only well-established core design and analysis functionality, but also breakthrough functionality that simplifies electrical planning, design and analysis to meet customers’ needs with a BIM-based, unified engineer-to-designer solution, focused on high performance and sustainable electrical distribution systems design.

This all-in-one electrical design solution assists electrical engineers and designers in four key areas to help in their electrical planning process:

1.            Plan: Layout power sources, equipment and loads of a project’s electrical system using the new drag-and-drop diagram with high-level calculations

2.            Analyze: Analyze the total demand loads of each subsection of an electrical system, including distributed energy system modelling, and save time with built in regional code-based calculation recommendations.

3.            Optimize: Update across your energy design and ensure proper equipment sizing; data automatically update across diagram workplaces synchronizing your electrical plan

4.            Document: Easily generate reports like load letters or cable schedule using automated real-time calculations

The advanced BIM-based electrical design solution allows electrical engineers to boost project efficiency by getting a head start on planning and load analysis before a physical model is even provided. Customers can then use that same data during project design and analysis, saving time, reducing errors and lessening redundancies. This increase in project design efficiency and productivity is also key for the construction sector that is expected to expand in coming years.

 The Advanced Electrical Design for Revit solution will empower electrical engineers to design low voltage electrical systems more easily, a critical feature in coming years as we work towards a more sustainable future.

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