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Exodigo, Esri to Improve Underground Mapping

Nov. 1, 2022
Firms collaborate to deliver live, accurate maps of the underground at scale.

Exodigo, makers of a non-invasive subsurface imaging platform, partnered with geographic information system software firm Esri to help governments and businesses accelerate the delivery of capital projects and de-risk underground operations at scale.

While traditional methods of underground mapping draw conclusions based on one or two types of sensors and visual hints, Exodigo uses multi-sensor fusion and process the varied signals with artificial intelligence (AI) into a single source.

Esri ArcGIS users can integrate Exodigo’s imaging and underlying data into existing underground utility maps to ensure that undocumented utilities are identified and even slight curves in utility paths can be visualized accurately.

Esri empowers Exodigo to create live maps that can be reprocessed and improved over time. The client portal enables secure access to its proprietary maps that are updated based on the continuous improvement of the Exodigo imaging and algorithmic capabilities. 

Exodigo’s multi-sensing platform generates data that are processed and delivered in layers, including:

  • A green corridor polygon representing a utility-free right of way for safe design
  • A utility layer showing line identities with high precision and accuracy
  • An above ground utility assets layer (such as manholes, hydrants, etc.)
  • An underground soil layer that highlights areas of possible ground distortion
  • An optional layer adding available records in digital format

This technology partnership turns existing “as-builts” into verified “as-is” digital models of the underground at the precision required for asset management and downstream planning, design, and construction.

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