ComEd CEO Quinones presides over the data center groundbreaking.

ComEd Debuts New Transformer Technology to Meet Data Center Need

Aug. 29, 2022
This new technology will be connected to ComEd’s grid for the first time ever at a sprawling new data center campus planned for Mount Prospect.
ComEd is bringing forward new technology to its system: 100MVA transformers. This new technology will be connected to ComEd’s grid for the first time ever at a sprawling new data center campus planned for Mount Prospect, located 30 minutes outside of downtown Chicago.

Along with a new ComEd substation set to be built on site, the new 100 MVA transformers will help data center company CloudHQ accommodate a large power supply at what is set to be one of the largest data centers ever to be built in Illinois – a project which encompasses a 1.5 million square foot hyperscale campus, 225 total MW, all set for completion in 2024.

Construction is underway now on the Cloud HQ project, and with another 13 data center projects in the queue for design or buildout currently in the region, it’s expected that ComEd will expand delivery of this technology to other data center projects in the Chicago metro area.

This introduction of new technology is part of ComEd’s commitment to innovation and meeting the fast growing demands of its customers as they take on new projects which require higher power usage to support digital infrastructure, electrification, and beyond. For data centers particularly, new technology is critical to meet large power demands for their clients and customers served around the world. On site, the new 100MVAs will significantly minimize the footprint of transformers needed to power the site, while enhancing energy efficiency.

The first batch of new 100 MVA transformers will be created by global manufacturer, Siemens Energy. As one of few suppliers in the world equipped to manufacture this caliber of equipment, Siemens was selected to build the first four needed for the CloudHQ project, following a competitive bidding process for design-build services.  ComEd expects 100 MVA for larger and hyperscale data center projects will become a standard feature for these types of projects, and is committed to working with a broad base of suppliers to integrate new technology into its system.

ComEd’s new 100 MVA transformers will be custom built to serve the needs of the grid. As no two power grids are exactly alike, ComEd’s engineering team is working with Siemens designers to ensure the new technology is tailored to meet the needs of the local grid. The products will be manufactured in Linz, Austria, and the first order of four devices are expected to be installed in early 2024.

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