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Siemens Launches New 3VA UL Large Frame Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Aug. 8, 2022
Frame sizes 1,200 A, 1,600 A and 2,000 A.

Siemens has developed new, molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) frame sizes for high current applications to perfectly address the needs of switchgear manufacturers and panel builders in an environment, characterized by increasing complexity, digitalization and cost pressures.

The new 3VA UL Large Frame MCCBs enable users to implement powerful, safe, and smart systems while allowing them to improve and greatly simplify their work processes.

These 3VA UL Large Frame MCCBs can be used worldwide. The 1,200 A and 1,600 A frame sizes meet the requirements of IEC and UL standards. This is particularly advantageous for manufacturers who are producing systems destined for global markets. The new 2,000 A frame is designed exclusively for the UL market. The new frame sizes will be available in both thermal-magnetic and electronic trip unit versions. Molded case switch (MCS) variants will also be offered.

The primary responsibility of MCCBs is to protect personnel and equipment against electrical damage and failures. The integrated arc energy reduction feature (Dynamic Arc Flash Sentry, DAS+) ensures that new 3VA UL Large Frame MCCBs trip more rapidly in the event of a fault during work being carried out in the immediate vicinity of live parts. In this way, the arc energy and thus the energy released in the power distribution equipment room is reduced. This technology complies with the National Electric Code (NEC) for the US market; it is designed to protect service technicians from serious injury resulting from arc flash hazards.

The 3VA UL Large Frame electronic trip unit versions offer fully integrated communication and measurement features. Energy and circuit breaker data is recorded with an accuracy of +/-1% and transmitted to higher-level systems. This functionality is integrated into the electronic trip unit (ETU) and no longer requires additional accessories to be mounted in the circuit breaker.

In addition, all 3VA MCCB frame sizes (125 - 2,000 A) use common internal accessories. This allows for flexible functional adjustments, lowers inventory levels, simplifies planning and selection, and reduces overall time and costs.

Feature highlights:

  • Common internal accessories with the existing 3VA MCCB portfolio (alarm switches, auxiliary switches, shunt trips, undervoltage releases, etc.).
  • Extensive suite of external accessories including connection technology, mounting bases, external circuit breaker operators, interlocks, and test devices.
  • UL 100% ratings available in 1.200 A and 1.600 A frame sizes – available for thermal-magnetic trip unit (TMTU) and electronic trip unit (ETU) circuit breakers.
  • DAS+ Arc Energy Reduction as a standard feature in all ETU versions – US National Electric Code compliant.
  • Circuit breakers equipped with ETU and LCD display are communication-ready; additional communication modules are not required.
  • The mechanical platform is based on the predecessor 3VL design. The footprint is nearly identical to 3VL7 (NG) and 3VL8 (PG) MCCBs, allowing for a simple upgrade to 3VA molded case circuit breakers in existing switchgears. 

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