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Schneider Electric Invests in Asset Management Startup

May 5, 2021
Schneider Electric backs incubated startup delivering customizable asset management solution to help utilities manage asset risks, optimize grid performance.

Aplines, a software company for the electric utilities industry, recently announced the launch of Aptimize, its digital asset management solution. Aptimize empowers utilities to better manage aging assets, environmental risks, costs, and performance for critical infrastructure. Aplines is funded by SE Ventures, Schneider Electric's corporate venture arm, and was founded in January 2020 through an incubation project following discussions with utility operators regarding modern infrastructure needs.

Aplines enables utilities to transition from time-based to risk-based asset management by evaluating the health and criticality of grid assets using its proprietary solution, Aptimize.

Aptimize is a customizable software solution integrating physical and environmental risks that provides powerful decision-making analytics for utilities managing critical infrastructure. Aptimize allows utilities to proactively and effectively manage assets, calculate the asset health and criticality, quantify associated risks, and determine asset management strategies to provide a balance of risk, cost, and performance.

"Aplines was created to fill a crucial gap between operational and strategic asset management needed in the electric utilities market," said Alexander Krivobokov, co-founder and CMO of Aplines. "Our intuitive solution helps utilities by providing a holistic view of their asset fleet along with environmental risks to help streamline decision-making with regards to their grid maintenance and reliability."

Aptimize helps utilities adopt risk-based asset management with minimal efforts or data requirements thanks to flexible, customizable models that can be deployed in a matter of few months. Users benefit from access to all available, up-to-date asset data from a single, ergonomic environment, as well as from advanced means of analyzing current or projected asset risks and scenario simulations for optimizing their maintenance programs.

Integration of environmental risks, such as vegetation, into the overall picture allows greater control over unplanned outages and further optimization of maintenance spend. Consistently quantified asset risks and estimates of their reduction helps bring objectivity to the planning process and better meet evolving regulatory requirements.

To learn more about Aplines and Aptimize, visit here.

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