The Junelight Smart Battery combines intelligent and safe energy management and a modern design.

Siemens Launches New Battery Storage for Private Homes

March 14, 2019
Siemens' first home-focused lithium-ion storage geared toward use of self-generated energy.

Siemens has launched its first battery storage geared to the requirements in private homes. Homeowners can use the Junelight Smart Battery to maximize consumption of self-generated energy, minimize energy procurement cost and reduce emissions.

The lithium-ion storage combines intelligent and safe energy management and a modern design, says the company. Junelight coordinates predictive charging and discharging depending on the weather-related yield forecast of the photovoltaic system and the household’s consumption profile.

Using the mobile Junelight Smart App, all energy flow — from production, through storage, right down to consumption and grid in-feed — can be monitored in real time. The storage capacity can be adapted to individual need any time, encompassing up to 19.8 kWh.

The Junelight Smart Battery is available in Germany and will be launched in Austria in April.

“More and more homeowners are generating their own solar power and, in light of sinking feed-in tariffs and rising electricity prices, want to use it completely for their own consumption wherever possible. The Junelight Smart Battery creates the technical basis for future-driven, sustainable and economical energy management within the home. This allows homeowners not only to lower their energy costs, but also to make a substantive contribution toward the success of the energy transition,” says Andreas Matthé, CEO of the Siemens Business Unit Low Voltage & Products.

When charging and discharging, the Junelight Smart Battery automatically takes user-specific weather and consumption forecasts into account. This means the battery is completely charged only in times of high photovoltaic power dissipation, thus minimizing power loss.

Both the manufacturing process and the complete system of the smart battery have been certified according to all relevant standards by the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies. In addition, each software update is tested by the VDE in terms of safety-relevant influences. This guarantees maximum safety for both persons and buildings.

The Junelight Smart Battery allows modular expansion: up to six battery units with a net capacity of 3.3 kWh each can be retrofitted and flexibly adapted to changes in consumption behavior, for example, when connecting heat pumps or charging electrical vehicles. The standard hardware of the smart battery is equipped with relevant connections for future functional expansions like new app features or intelligent consumption control.

The Junelight Smart Battery will receive this year’s IF Design Award 2019 for the design of the hardware as well as the mobile app. The storage enclosure has a distinctive flat design with a choice of white or black finish and a digital display. The app won the approval of the IF Design Award judges because of its innovative user interface and clearly arranged visualization of energy values.

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