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NV Energy Uses AI and Machine Learning to Enhance Customer Engagement Experience

Feb. 22, 2018
Investor-Owned Utility to Personalize Energy Efficiency Recommendations and Target Offerings

With a focus on enhance the customer engagement experience, NV Energy is leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring personalized energy-saving recommendations and reinvent its home assessment offering for its customers.

To help its customers more deeply engage in programs to save money on energy use, NV Energy is using a range of customer engagement and program management services provided by Bidgely, for energy disaggregation and related customer survey optimization initiatives for its premium energy efficiency tool offerings.

"Home assessments are a key avenue for utility consumer engagement. Using disaggregation, we know what appliances are in the home, and their relative cost and efficiency, which really changes the nature of the survey and the experience for the customer," said Abhay Gupta, founder and CEO of Bidgely.

"With itemization, similar home comparisons, and personalized tips, customers are already much more invested in the solution before even encountering the survey. The data collected also powers a field auditor version of the assessment, guiding the auditor through the info they need and enabling them to add custom tips."

The NV Energy program utilizes the following services and products from Bidgely:

  • Appliance Disaggregation for personalized recommendations and alerts
  • Home Assessment Survey that leverages energy disaggregation to pre-fill survey questions resulting in 80 percent completion rates.
  • Field Auditor Tool to collect in-home audit data that automatically syncs to relevant utility databases at headquarters
  • Customer Care Co-Browsing to allow call center service agents to view the same energy data that customers see to support a positive resolution to calls
  • Program Participation Targeting to identify customers for specific programs such as offering an in-home audit

More information is available at this link.

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