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How Mobile Technology is Helping Leading Utilities Redefine Storm Response

May 5, 2017
'In battle, planning is essential, but plans are worthless.' –General Dwight D. Eisenhower

For utility professionals, unpredictable weather is part of the job. But even for those simply trying to plan an outdoor event, despite today’s advanced algorithms and predictive models, there’s a chance that a sunny barbeque may end up getting wet. And although minor disruptions are a nuisance, the real danger lies in the catastrophic weather events that can severely impact our lives. These are the events that put utility professionals to the test – and mobile tech is helping them be more responsive than ever.

A recent T&D World webinar highlighted key ways in which mobile technology is transforming the utility industry, including how utilization of mobile computing devices is being optimized.

Optimization of workflows requires utilization of mobile devices that are rugged enough to withstand harsh field conditions, powerful enough to compute advanced staffing and scaling algorithms, and portable enough so users could easily navigate their difficult work environment.

To address major weather events utilities have to have reliable platforms enabling effective coordination of communication across field crews, real-time work and outage management solutions, and customer-facing functions. Fully ruggedized laptops and tablets enable employees and contractors have access to real-time updates on damage so that they can triage and prioritize in the field. Similarly, the ability to receive and oversee the current state of the entire mobile workforce and distribution network enables leading utilities to be proactive and make informed decisions about improving the restoration schedules.

Utilities also require devices that enable a secure and constant flow of information back from the affected areas, providing customers with much-needed visibility into the restoration’s progress.

The T&D Webinar, which was sponsored by Panasonic - Click here to register to listen to the full webinar recording.

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