California ISO Adds Real-Time Contingency Analysis Software

April 13, 2016
Contingency analysis software simulates possible equipment failures every two minutes and produces a solution in less than one minute for more accurate grid monitoring and greater power reliability,

The California Independent System Operator Corporation has extended its technology partnership with Siemens to now include Real-Time Contingency Analysis software in addition to Siemens’ Energy Market Management system to support the growing ISO Full Network Model, which provides a detailed and accurate representation of the power system. The expanded Full Network Model ensures the ISO has a more accurate assessment of real-time system condition for its area.

The contingency analysis software, a component of the Siemens Spectrum Power transmission network applications, currently simulates more than 2,000 separate equipment failures in the ISO footprint and its neighboring areas every two minutes and alerts the system operator to potential issues. With this detailed insight, the ISO will now be able to identify potential transmission system problems sooner, which allows grid operators more time to take preventive actions in order to ensure reliability.

“The ISO never stops looking for the best technology to help us maintain grid reliability,” said Dede Subakti, ISO Director of Operations Engineering Services. “As electricity is now consumed nearly instantaneously upon generation, any software that enables us to see and mitigate grid issues quicker means we can better serve  consumers in the West by reliably maintaining a continuous flow of energy to meet demand.”

“In many industries, planning and designing in a digital world is becoming extremely common and we believe that power grids can benefit from this trend toward increased digitalization,” said Mike Carlson, president of Siemens Digital Grid. “With intelligent software, grid operators such as the ISO can now take full advantage of the digital world to plan and prevent potential problems that may arise. Using detailed insight into how power is and will be produced, resources can be shared regardless of geographic boundaries—moving the grids of yesterday into the 21st century.”

The Real-Time Contingency Analysis system is configured currently to support up to 10,000 contingencies simulation every two minutes. It can easily scale and support a much larger number of contingencies and/or shorter cycle times if necessary to support the continued expansion of the ISO’s Full Network Model.

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