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U.S. Utility Slashes Operating Costs With NICE Engage Platform

Feb. 11, 2016
The complex and large-scale migration to the latest NICE recording platform took just one week

NICE Systems has announced that a major utility company in the United States has realized a significant cost reduction for recording and archiving after upgrading to the NICE Engage Platform, powered by the Advanced Interaction Recorder (AIR). The large-scale migration was also completed in record time, with all sites up and running in just one week.

The NICE solution is helping the utility company field over one million customer interactions annually. Of these, tens of thousands are emergency calls for which handle time and efficiency can be critical. The company must also adhere to various compliance regulations requiring the retention of customer interaction recordings for up to 10 years.

The benefits of upgrading to the NICE Engage Platform include:

  • Significantly improved average handle times
  • Better call retention and archiving capabilities, and a more flexible tool for managing this
  • Advanced monitoring to ensure that systems are always on and running  
  • 100% voice and screen capture in a single server
  • Increased agent productivity and quality of service
  • Proactive adherence to compliance regulations

The utility company is also using NICE Quality Management to gain insight into agent performance. Both employees and managers have direct access to detailed performance metrics, encouraging accountability and enabling supervisors to see the value of coaching in action. Also, with NICE Quality Planner, the company can ensure that it is aligning its quality evaluations with its key metrics, while also cutting down the time it takes to complete the agent evaluation cycle.

"We pride ourselves in helping our client quickly transition its recording solution to the NICE Engage Platform while maintaining complete business continuity. The benefits of this upgrade are clear, as the company has already achieved significant improvements in its operations and reduced costs," said Miki Migdal, president of the NICE Enterprise Product Group. "Using insights from the NICE solutions, the company is empowering its agents to respond more effectively and driving further operational improvements to help create a perfect customer experience."

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