Tdworld 3485 Measureinsights
Tdworld 3485 Measureinsights
Tdworld 3485 Measureinsights
Tdworld 3485 Measureinsights
Tdworld 3485 Measureinsights

E Source Launches Measure Insights

Nov. 20, 2015
New Tool Features Measure-Level Data to Help Create Successful DSM Programs and Evaluate Them

E Source has launched Measure Insights, an interactive industry intelligence platform that provides critical technology-specific data to utilities and their partners. It draws granular measure-level information from technical reference manuals (TRMs) and makes the data easily accessible to help utilities plan and evaluate their demand-side management (DSM) programs.

“Measure Insights is the only tool in the marketplace that’s a one-stop shop for the assumptions, calculations, and values that utilities need to build and defend successful programs,” says Adam Maxwell, director of New Product Development at E Source. “Our aim is to ease the pain for utilities and their partners by eliminating the need to search through cumbersome TRMs to get vital information. Measure Insights is a single, searchable repository of state TRM data that can speed up the program-planning process.”

E Source has partnered with QuadROI to provide ongoing software development and data production for Measure Insights. “QuadROI is a leader in taking unstructured data and making it accessible and easy to use,” says Matthew Burks, vice president of Strategy & New Products at E Source. “We’ve had a lot of success working with the company on our DSM Insights tool, which gives utilities aggregated DSM investment and performance data. It made a lot of sense to extend that offering to the measure level and create a more complete picture for utilities.”

Measure Insights provides the underlying assumptions and calculations for particular technologies in specific climate zones with all the necessary associated data. This enables users to quickly benchmark inputs and rapidly respond to regulatory requests. Utilities, consultants, and implementation contractors can use this powerful platform to more accurately plan, develop, and evaluate their portfolio of DSM programs. Measure-level data include:

  • Incremental costs
  • Deemed savings
  • Operations and maintenance impacts
  • Coincidence factors
  • Effective useful life
  • Quick links to source documents

“We could not have a better partner and team to work with in bringing this data to the utility marketplace,” says Mark Brown, QuadROI’s founder. “Our goal is to free Measure Insights subscribers from the pain of wasting resources by searching for information, allowing them to focus on creating value for their customers.”

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