Tdworld 3394 Synergize
Tdworld 3394 Synergize
Tdworld 3394 Synergize
Tdworld 3394 Synergize
Tdworld 3394 Synergize

Network for Utilities

Oct. 22, 2015
The centerpiece of the announcement is the Synergize RF electric network.

Aclara has introduced the Synergize network, a fully integrated solution for utilities that offers performance and low cost of ownership.

“The launch of the Synergize network is part of our strategy to enable a true smart infrastructure environment for any utility, whether gas, water, electric or combination. The network provides the information utilities need to understand and respond quickly to problems on their distribution networks,” said Allan Connolly, president and CEO of Aclara.

The centerpiece of the announcement is the Synergize RF electric network, which builds on the STAR RF protocol and point-to-multipoint architecture for gas and water utilities. However, the Synergize RF electric incorporates features to meet the unique requirements of electric and combination utilities, increasing range and bandwidth while reducing latency.

The network meets the rigorous requirements of today’s smart-grid applications, providing a complete network solution for any electric or combination utility looking for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart distribution.

The Synergize RF electric network offers industry leading features which are designed to optimize utilities’ capital and operating savings while delivering high reliability and customer satisfaction. The array of performance parameters includes:

Improved range. The network operates on the FCC part 90, 450-470 MHz band, providing 6 dB better range than 900 MHz systems, and delivering higher efficiency and lower costs to the utility.

Lower latency. At 50 milliseconds, latency on the Synergize RF electric network is half that of other point-to-multipoint systems and significantly less than the latencies of mesh systems.

Better read rates. The Synergize RF system delivers read rates of up to 228 kbps compared to 128 kbps for other point-to-point systems and 38.4 kbps for mesh networks, optimizing capital and operating savings.

Redundancy. The Synergize RF electric network offers the security of consistent, redundant data collection. This minimizes the chance of lost readings, resulting in more accurate information and improved network performance.

In addition to offering a complete RF network, the Synergize network brings together all the elements of Aclara’s comprehensive network product offerings, including its Metrum Cellular LTE and its TWACS power-line communications solutions. All of these communications technologies are controlled through Aclara’s iiDEAS single headend platform.

Aclara’s headend software provides analysis and control, making AMI data easily accessible and actionable.

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