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German Utility Selects Mobile Workforce Management Program

Aug. 27, 2015
Contract with RWE marks major expansion into European utility market for Verisae

German utility giant RWE will use Verisae’s mobile workforce management solution, vx Field, as the central solution for its Meter Operations Management (MOM) system project, which involves the planning and control of the full rollout of smart meters throughout RWE’s regional companies. This marks Verisae’s first major expansion into the European utility market since it purchased ViryaNet and its field service management solutions in 2014.

Verisae’s vx Field product will be used for the control and execution of all business processes for the planning, installation and operation of all new traditional meters as well as smart meters. As part of this process, vx Field will handle the identification, management and dispatching of all necessary resources.

“Field service management is an important component of a very large set of needs that every always-on business faces,” said Jerry Dolinksy, CEO of Verisae. “Our vision for a connected service supply chain is all about collecting data from assets as well as from the workforce that serves those assets. We then use this data for predicting outcomes, better planning and continuous improvement. Those charged with updating and repairing networks and equipment need a flexible system that can not only manage the workforce more effectively, but manage changes and adjustments in real time.”

The RWE sale came through ESN GbmH, a German-based company that sells and implements Verisae’s workforce management solutions to German utilities and enterprises.

Vx Field is based on open standards and works with all common ERP systems; its flexibility and consistency made it a suitable fit for the MOM project. Its native functionality and flexibility made it possible for RWE to be up and running without significant customization. Also of interest was the modern user interface with its fresh "look and feel" as well as its intuitive controls.

RWE’s workforce is tasked with installing more than 400 different smart electric meters across more than 20 million customers. Verisae’s vx Field will act as the primary engine for managing the process of installing those meters, all with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction and overall efficiency.

As Verisae’s workforce management offering, vx Field gives companies the solution they need to schedule and dispatch teams to optimize their schedules, even as it manages both service performance and parts. What’s more, vx Field integrates with the full Verisae platform, giving organizations the ability to grow as their needs evolve.

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