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Billing and CRM Solutions for Power Utilities

July 23, 2015
SURE! Utility Billing services provide access to multiple dynamic pricing options to utilities and offers several convenient payment options to utilities' customers, thus enabling faster and timely collections

SURE! Utility Billing services provide access to multiple dynamic pricing options to utilities and offers several convenient payment options to utilities' customers, thus enabling faster and timely collections. This enables utility companies to achieve improved and speed collections, reduced staff costs and debts. SURE! Utility CIS integrates seamlessly with not only the traditional metering infrastructure put in place by the utilities worldwide, it is also integrated effortlessly with the smart metering infrastructure.

SURE! Utility CIS solutions are flexible enough to support the regulated as well as deregulated or retail energy markets.

Having proven itself in the PayTV, Broadband, Multiplay and Cloud markets already, SURE! solution from Magnaquest is naturally suitable for adaptations in Smart Cities IT infrastructure where it can support seamless billing across services that are used over the modern metering technologies.

Chief marketing Officer, Ramakrishna Mashetty mentioned that, "SURE! solution from Magnaquest has already been deployed by one of the top 5 U.S. energy utilities companies for its home utility billing needs. Other than the above, SURE! solution will now provide new differentiating features in terms of payment options that include mobile app based payments, kiosk based payments to serve Utility companies' varied class of customers. SURE! also offers a new communication platform for Utilities and their customers in the form of Mobile Self-Care Portal enabling utility customers to manage their Utility bill payments and service requests via their smartphones."

SURE! Utility Billing and CRM solution includes:

  • Meter Data Management - Responsible for collecting, validating and enrich the meter data records from utility meters. Batch and real time collection enabled, the module can reformat the collected records to any formats demanded by the downstream systems.
  • Customer Care - 360° view of the consumer and connection data made available with ability to handle consumer requests, allowing faster and more efficient customer care. Equipped with campaign management, this module allows notifying consumers on the new offers and updates.
  • Workflow Management - This module works seamlessly with customer care to ensure that business processes are modelled accurately in the application. Enabled with UI to configure automatic and manual tasks, the module can be used to define and schedule any business process, staff allocation, escalation process definition etc. to handle business in the most effective manner.
  • Rating - Module where usage plans can be configured including dynamic pricing. Re-usability of components in the rate plan ensures faster roll out. Exception definition for high value customers ensures customer satisfaction. Memory based rating ensure high speed processing.
  • Consolidated Billing - End-to-end bill processing - both in batch or single - by configuring bill schedules and automatic processing enabled based on a time. Review and approval of bills can be performed before posting the details to ledger. Statement generation based on the required format is also another feature supported as part of billing.
  • Payments and Collections - Support for multiple payment options like credit card, ACH, check, cash deposit via Ria money transfer in 7 eleven outlets, Mobile app based payments, Kiosk based payments, Doorstep payments with instant receipts. Dunning process ensures that bad debt chasing is performed and cleared.

SURE! is a market-ready solution that has already been deployed in multiple cloud based environments, broadband, media and entertainment segments.

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