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Eletrobras Selects Itron Technology to Support Grid Modernization

June 25, 2015
Eletrobras to use OpenWay Riva to transform communications and support new smart grid applications

Itron, Inc. will work with Eletrobras, a major Brazilian electric utility and the largest power utility in Latin America, to modernize its electric grid. Eletrobras’ six subsidiary distribution companies will implement Itron’s OpenWay Riva solution – the first-of-its-kind technology featuring adaptive communications technology and distributed computing power to support new smart grid applications on Cisco’s IPv6 network.

Itron’s solution features its new Itron Riva adaptive communication technology, enabling Eletrobras to deploy a single network that incorporates two communications technologies – radio frequency (RF) and power line carrier (PLC) – working in concert in the same device in real time. The solution dynamically selects the optimal communications path based on network operating conditions, data attributes and application requirements.

In addition, Itron Riva technology provides a unified device-level software platform for new smart grid applications that leverage high-performance communications and distributed computing power on the lower-voltage network. This enables new approaches that improve the accuracy and timeliness of outage detection and analysis, transformer load management and energy diversion detection. Other distributors from the group will also benefit from traditional smart metering capabilities, including remote metering, remote disconnect, diversion detection and other operational efficiencies, by embedding Itron Riva technology into electricity meters. The solution will be provided as a part of a consortium that includes Itron, Siemens, Telefonica and Telemont, a Cisco partner.

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