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Puget Sound Energy, NV Energy and Nicor use Nexant iEnergy

May 14, 2015
The Nexant iEnergy software platform is now powering 50+ utilities and 450+ programs including Puget Sound Energy, NV Energy, Nicor, Southwest Gas and JEA

The Nexant iEnergy software platform is now powering 50+ utilities and 450+ programs including Puget Sound Energy, NV Energy, Nicor, Southwest Gas and JEA. The adoption of Nexant iEnergy supports the importance of customer-focused software solutions and value utilities can realize by implementing an end-to-end demand side management (DSM) platform to manage business processes and the related ecosystem.

Nexant iEnergy is a purpose-built, data management, analytics and customer engagement platform that fundamentally changes how utilities manage DSM customer initiatives including energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy, and demand response business processes. The Nexant iEnergy platform helps utilities reduce operating costs, improve customer satisfaction, meet compliance and reporting requirements, drive energy savings, and enhance ecosystem collaboration between the utility, customers, trade allies and implementers.

“We selected Nexant iEnergy as our platform for DSM data and systems consolidation,” said Mark Lenssen, Supervising Energy Management Engineer, Puget Sound Energy. “Nexant iEnergy will provide us with a single system of record for all programs, streamlined end-to-end business process management, and enhanced visibility across our portfolio. It will help us more effectively plan, roll-out, track and manage our DSM processes from the customer to back-office operations.”

“Traditionally DSM has consisted of disconnected silos such as customer engagement, marketing outreach, planning and tracking among others,” said Martin Milani, Nexant SVP of Software and CTO. “End-to-end business process management is a must to effectively and efficiently manage DSM programs and business operations with an enhanced customer experience. Nexant iEnergy was the first software platform to provide comprehensive Business Process Management for utility DSM, and it continues to push the envelope with the most advanced suite of applications in the market.”

The Nexant iEnergy platform includes:

  • iEnergy® DSM Central manages end-to-end DSM, energy efficiency and renewable energy business processes driving energy savings, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction – all in a single, secure, system of record.
  • iEnergy® Trade Ally provides efficient vendor and contractor outreach, engagement and management to form an energy conservation community that works together effectively.
  • iEnergy® Home engages and educates consumers to be energy efficient and participate in utility programs, driving demand management, equipment replacement and behavior modification.
  • iEnergy® Onsite provides real-time energy analysis and rebate information through a mobile energy assessment application.
  • iEnergy® Demand Response provides a single system to effectively manage the complete demand response business process, helping to ensure reduction goals are met on time and within budget.
  • iEnergy® Technical Reference Library effectively, efficiently and transparently manages the complete set of DSM measure assumptions utilized in Technical Reference Manuals (TRMs).

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