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Hardened Ethernet Product Family Offers Three New Serial Device Servers

April 23, 2015
SDSFX3110 Family of Servers Offers New Security Features for Connecting Industrial Equipment to Ethernet Networks in Harsh Environments

Transition Networks, Inc. has announced a new family of hardened Ethernet serial device servers with data encryption capabilities that improve security and scalability for connecting industrial equipment to Ethernet networks in harsh environments. The three new serial device servers in Transition Networks’ SDSFX3110 family feature DB9 serial ports, supporting RS232 / RS422 / RS485, and 10/100 Ethernet ports. The servers are rated for operation in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F) and are safeguarded within an IP30 enclosure.

Each server has been IEC 61850 certified to comply with NERC/CIP regulations for power substation automation applications. The new servers provide HTTPS, SSH, and SSL data encryption to improve the security of network management data flows.

The servers convert serial data from industrial devices and systems, and transport it over Ethernet networks. The hardened external case makes these products ideal for power utility, gas exploration and mobile-to-mobile communications. Specific applications include security cameras, substation automation, traffic and transportation, and logistics/material handling.

The three products in the SDSFX3110 family are:

  • SDSFX3110-111-LRT: One DB9 serial port and one 10/100 Fast Ethernet fiber port that can be configured to communicate to one or multiple redundant servers.
  • SDSTX3110-124-LRT: Four DB9 serial ports and two 10/100Base-T copper Fast Ethernet ports that can be configured to communicate to one or multiple redundant servers.
  • SDSTX3110-121-LRT:  One DB9 serial port and two 10/100Base-T copper Ethernet ports that can be configured in a redundant ring topology. Alternatively, the Ethernet ports can be used to communicate to multiple redundant servers.

All of the SDSTX3110 products ship with COM port redirector software that enables communication of serial data to a virtual COM port on a server, or the products can be used in pairs to provide serial tunneling across the Ethernet network.

“There’s a wave of modernization in industrial markets, as these companies look at ways to improve the security and regulatory compliance for their data communications,” said Tony LeFebvre, Director of Product Management for Transition Networks. “Our new serial device servers securely connect to existing serial communications devices in the substation.”

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