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PG&E to Use Dominion Voltage for Volt/VAR Optimization Pilot Program

March 26, 2015
PG&E to evaluate the benefits of combining DVI EDGE technology with Silver Spring AMI data for energy efficiency, Volt/VAR optimization, and voltage stabilization Stabilizing distribution system voltage helps address the sharp increase of renewables into California's resource mix

Dominion Voltage, Inc. has announced its participation in a Volt/VAR optimization pilot program at Pacific Gas and Electric Co. 

As part of PG&E's overall smart grid deployment plans, this pilot project will enable the utility to evaluate the benefits of optimizing their distribution system voltage for the purposes of energy efficiency, Volt/VAR optimization, and voltage stabilization.

DVI's EDGE Volt/VAR optimization solution leverages Silver Spring's AMI network and UtilityIQ Power Monitor to optimize voltage as part of PG&E's Smart Grid Deployment Plan. Best of all, it doesn't require any behavioral changes or purchases by utility customers, which is common among more traditional forms of energy efficiency.

DVI will assist PG&E with the installation of the software and is working with the utility to adapt the technology to help improve grid stability, especially for circuits supporting high numbers of solar customers.

The PG&E Volt/VAR optimization pilot program began in 2013 and is expected to be completed in 2016.

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