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Alstom Announces Smart Grid Business Initiatives

March 12, 2015
Alstom Grid joined more than 10,000 attendees from around the globe for DistribuTech 2015.

Alstom Grid joined more than 10,000 attendees from around the globe for DistribuTech 2015. The event will showcased nearly 500 exhibitors, including Alstom, which highlighted the latest energy management software and smart grid technologies that are transforming the energy grid. Alstom is developing and implementing innovative technologies in the United States and globally. Here are a few recent announcements on Alstom’s smart grid projects:                                                                                                    

Latest Demand Response Management System (DRMS) released at Nevada Energy- Alstom recently released its latest Demand Response Management System (DRMS) to NV Energy to provide new, advanced functions for the utility’s Demand Response (DR) programs. NV Energy is a large investor-owned utility based in Las Vegas, Nevada that generates, transmits and distributes electric service covering 97% of Nevada, including the Las Vegas Valley. It serves about 1.3 million customers and over 40 million tourists annually, and is a utility industry leader with its DR programs, direct load control technologies, and advanced forecasting and optimization techniques.

Fully Integrated Distribution Management System (IDMS) now operating at Alabama Power- Alstom has delivered a new Outage Management System (OMS) and Distribution Management System (DMS) upgrade to Alabama Power, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based Southern Company, completing delivery of Alstom’s full Integrated Distribution Management System (IDMS). The Distribution SCADA and DMS modules of the IDMS delivered previously have been efficiently directing the flow of electricity to Alabama Power’s 1.4 million customers. The addition of the OMS ensures more efficient and faster decision making especially during large scale outage restoration efforts, ultimately improving service to Alabama Power’s customers.

Snohomish PUD to expand their distribution management system with Alstom’s OMS- Alstom Grid’s Distribution Management System went live at Snohomish County PUD in August 2013.  On January 20, 2015, the PUD approved moving forward with Alstom’s Outage Management System, thus kicking off the next phase of fully deploying a single, integrated platform to monitor and operate the District’s electric grid and enable further integration of IT and OT across the enterprise.

Alstom to provide first live integrated EMS/DMS to Madison Gas and Electric –Madison Gas and Electric (MGE), one of the nation’s most reliable utilities, is providing electricity to its over 145,000 customers in Wisconsin using Alstom Grid’s Distribution Management System, which went live in 2013. MGE has recently accepted delivery of Alstom Grid’s Outage Management System and is running it in parallel operations with plans to be live in the coming months. MGE will soon be Alstom’s first live customer using an integrated EMS/DMS platform from a single screen, enabling better holistic visibility of the entire grid, increased situational awareness and ability to integrate renewable energy resources.

Alstom Grid and Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) announce the first deployment of their jointly-conceived open phase detection solution for nuclear standby generator monitoring. This critical application detects an open phase condition for power transformers, due to incorrect switching operations or an unintentionally open or grounded conductor.  The extremely low current levels to be measured mean that conventional current transformers would not be sensitive enough. Alstom’s COSI digital instrument transformers prove to be perfect for the task, using optical measurement technology to directly measure the magnetizing current. MiCOM Alstom P645 process bus relays provide the protection, in an Ethernet process bus scheme.

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