Distributech 2015

Uncle Vito's Distributech 2015 Observations

Feb. 10, 2015
One of my take-aways was being shocked that AMI is not a reality in New York State.

Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) in New York

The NY Public Service Commission opened a proceeding in 2014 for REV. The REV initiative “aims to align electric utility practices and our regulatory paradigm with technological advances in information management and power generation and distribution.”

REV is quite interesting and both Con Ed and National Grid discussed initiatives they are undertaking that will proof and support some of the components of REV. However, one of my take-aways was being shocked that AMI is not a reality in New York State. REV will address this and it is an important foundation of a lot of smart grid and customer facing strategies that are being considered.

Advanced Analytics at CenterPoint Energy

William Bell was the speaker on this topic. The length and depth of data analytics at Centerpoint is truly stunning. Mr. Bell’s feature article on this will be quite interesting.

Solar and the Grid at HECO

The penetration of PV in Hawaii is way off the charts from a mainland perspective. The speaker, Dora Nakafuji, was quite informative about the development of PV and how HECO is coping with this somewhat disruptive technology.

Advanced Analytics at the City of Fort Collins

Kraig Bader provided a nice tour of how the City of Fort Collins has advanced operational excellence by the application of the avalanche of data provided by their AMI system. The very real issues and accomplishments were addressed with a nice balance of humor and technology.

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