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Schneider Electric and PlanetEcosystems Join to Provide Customer Management

Feb. 12, 2015
Through this partnership, the companies will create a powerful and comprehensive plug-and-play solution for utilities to enhance consumer engagement and efficiency  

Schneider Electric and PlanetEcosystems have announced a partnership to provide an integrated suite of Software as a Service (SaaS) customer management offerings to utility service providers, called Efficiency Advisor. Combining Schneider Electric's Wiser Home Management system with PlanetEcosystems' P-ECOSYS customer engagement platform, Efficiency Advisor will increase the scope of value utilities offer their customers, boosting customer satisfaction, reducing costs and enhancing energy efficiency program performance.

"The automation and data analysis capabilities of the Wiser Home Management platform combined with the extensive big data capabilities of P-ECOSYS in personalization and targeting will enable utility service providers to offer customers an unparalleled level of compelling, useful and automated home management," said Yann Kulp, vice president, Residential Energy Solutions, Schneider Electric. "The new combined offerings will deliver significant value to utility customers and result in greatly increased customer satisfaction and loyalty."

With Efficiency Advisor, utilities will be able to provide customers with a complete engagement, efficiency and management solution that will empower them to meet their efficiency goals and maximize grid reliability. Some key features of the offering include:

  • Integration between the utility, its customers and service providers: Facilitates customer engagement, reduces admin costs, and provides new resources from contractors and others.
  • Behavioral usage efficiency: Promotes consumption change through heightened customer education, assistance and control.
  • Home usage reporting: Enables real-time tracking of home energy usage to better manage and control consumption to meet their goals.
  • Personalized recommendations: Provides easy-to-act-on recommendations to each customer, based on individual customer usage needs and goals.
  • Energy Marketplace: Provides unique appliance, contractor and financing marketplaces to increase customer value offered, and boost participation in energy efficiency programs.

"This partnership will marry profile and utility usage information of all homes in a territory with a powerful home management platform, taking personalization and home management technology to the next level," added Steve Malloy, co-founder and Senior Vice President of PlanetEcosystems. "As a result utilities will be able to readily offer a range of mass-customized utility system management and automation facilities to every home in their territory -- making homes more comfortable while delivering customers thousands of dollars in net savings."

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