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Georgia Power Invests in Transformer Monitoring

Nov. 13, 2014
GE’s Transformer Monitoring Solution will Enhance Georgia Power’s Grid Reliability Helps Georgia Power Proactively Identify Potential Transformer Issues which Could Cause Unplanned Failures and Outages This Historic Deal is the Largest Ever for GE-Digital Energy’s Monitoring & Diagnostic Product Line

GE has announced a historic deal that will help Georgia Power deliver more reliable power to its 2.4 million customers across the state. With more than 2,000 transformers across its electrical grid, Georgia Power wanted to better understand the condition of its transformer fleet to help avoid unexpected failures and gain greater insight into the overall health of its fleet.

Under the agreement, GE will deliver a complete transformer monitoring solution that will give it real-time data on the condition of each transformer on the grid.

“Increasing reliability through the application of advanced technologies is a focus for us every day,” said Danny Lindsey, vice president of transmission for Georgia Power. “Georgia Power has one of the ‘smartest’ electrical grids in the country that helps us minimize interruptions in service to our customers during day-to-day operations and in severe circumstances including storms. The new project with GE is the latest way we’re working to proactively monitor our system to ensure we’re addressing any potential issues before they become a threat to our reliability.”

By implementing GE’s Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) solution, Georgia Power will be able to remotely monitor the performance of its transformers and proactively detect and diagnose issues early to help avoid unplanned transformer failures that could lead to costly outages on the grid.

Using GE’s Hydran M2 and Kelman Transfix dissolved gas transformer monitors, Georgia Power will be able to understand the health of any monitored transformer and take action on developing issues before a failure occurs. In addition to this insight about individual transformer condition, GE’s Perception™ Fleet Transformer Management software will allow Georgia Power to gain real-time knowledge on the health of its entire transformer fleet, facilitating better understanding of its total budget requirements to maintain and build a strong fleet, focusing on capital expenditures and in turn reducing operating expenses.

GE and Georgia Power will start implementing this transformer fleet monitoring solution in late 2014, with a complete roll out planned for the end of 2016.

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