GE’s Energy Consulting Business Launches Re-Envisioned PSLF Software

Oct. 8, 2014
Enhanced User Interface Streamlines Modeling Capabilities with Integrated Data Editing and Visualizations Fast and Reliable Algorithms Re-Envisioned and Redesigned by GE’s Electric Power Systems Engineers

GE’s Energy Consulting business has launched its new, re-envisioned Positive Sequence Load Flow Analysis (PSLF) software, enabling customers to model their power systems faster and more efficiently. This latest update to GE’s PSLF offering provides seamless data and visual integration built on a future-ready software platform, which continues to deliver the powerful and fast core algorithms PSLF customers have grown to expect.

The re-envisioned PSLF software equips system planners and operators with advanced data editing capabilities, enhanced data visualizations and analysis, innovative drag-and-drop and one-line drawing capabilities. Featuring seamless data editing and integrated plotting capabilities, GE’s re-envisioned PSLF has been built on the latest software technology platform, while maintaining the same algorithms. This combination enables GE to deliver system enhancements, while ensuring consistent power system models.

With seamless data and visual integration, the new PSLF software provides users with a fresh look at power flow, dynamics and short circuit data from their systems via a simple click on a power system element. The software has been upgraded with enhanced table and graphic navigation capabilities, with Google Earth™ now integrated into the solution. These enhancements equip power system designers with an easy-to-navigate, intuitive user interface, giving them a clearer look at an entire power system. In addition, GE’s updated PSLF software includes a completely new network scan feature, providing users with a visual representation of system scan results and data on all of their power system components.

The PSLF software also features an integrated EPCL editor with advanced debugging capabilities. EPCL is a programming language in which the load flow, dynamics, short circuit and other analytical commands of the PSLF program are available as intrinsic functions. EPCL programs can read and write data in their own formats, call load flow and other analytical functions as needed and perform their own calculations independently from those of the load flow and other modules.

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