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Landis+Gyr Announces Release of Command Center 6.2

Aug. 14, 2014
Update Enhances Monitoring and Management of Gridstream System

Landis+Gyr has released version 6.2 of its operating software, Command Center, for the Gridstream® advanced metering and grid management system.

The latest version supports new network management tools for routers and collectors, improved monitoring of load-side meter voltage and remote service switch operations, as well as scheduled "snapshots" of meter information, such as temperature, to aid in diagnostics and analytics.

New features include:

  • Load-side voltage monitoring and alarms that help utilities detect load on a disconnected meter for identification of a tamper condition.
  • Enhanced monitoring of remote service switch activity with the ability to define thresholds for a number of operations and scheduled maintenance.
  • Ability to specify exact time of snapshot readings of meter data for applications such as temperature monitoring, voltage analysis and coincident demand.
  • Enhanced network management capabilities via health indicators from the collectors and routers, and ability to return a variety of network statistic data for analysis.
  • More granular control of firmware broadcast commands.

New products supported within Version 6.2 include the latest Gridstream endpoints designed for the E331 and E351 FOCUS® AXe and E650 S4x meter offerings with enhanced performance features.

Command Center is a multi-platform operating system used by utilities in North America, South America and Asia to manage Gridstream advanced metering network technologies, including RF mesh, PLC and cellular. The 6.2 version release is available now for all Gridstream customers.

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