Stockholm Royal Seaport

European Utility Expands Smart Grid Project with Asset Health Solution

June 25, 2014
Fortum Studying Benefits of Predictive Maintenance Strategies at Stockholm Royal Seaport with Ventyx Software

Ventyx, an ABB company, has signed an agreement with Fortum – a provider of sustainable energy in the Nordics, Baltics, Poland and Russia – to study the benefits of predictive maintenance strategies for its transmission and distribution assets using Ventyx Asset Health software. The agreement expands Fortum's partnership with ABB in a joint development project to design and install Europe's first large-scale urban smart grid at the Stockholm Royal Seaport.

"Fortum is dedicated to a major transformation of the energy system to meet the EU 2020 targets for greenhouse emissions, renewables and energy efficiency. Yet, in today's era of constrained personnel resources and new demands, we must make more efficient and productive use of our existing transmission and distribution assets and workforce to meet these targets," said Göran Hult, Vice President of R&D at Fortum and a keynote speaker at the recent Ventyx World Conference in Barcelona. "The Ventyx Asset Performance Management solution offers promising capabilities in this regard, and we are optimistic that it can help us reach our goals for the Stockholm Royal Seaport."

Ventyx is providing multiple solutions to support the Stockholm Royal Seaport project, including:

  • Network Manager DMS for distribution, dispatch & monitoring applications
  • Demand Response Management System (DRMS) for the set-up and management of demand response programs including virtual power plants and their dispatch and control
  • Business intelligence (BI) solutions to support utility-specific business process monitoring and reporting with prepackaged utility KPIs, dashboards, reports and analysis.

By adding the Ventyx Asset Health solution, Fortum can gain visibility into the condition of critical assets, prioritize maintenance activities and support repair, refurbish and renew decisions across the fleet. To gauge the full potential of the solution, Ventyx will perform a Value Readiness Assessment (VRA) and technical feasibility study of the software, focused on critical grid assets across Fortum's transmission, subtransmission and distribution networks. Performed using Fortum's own data, the VRA will help determine the feasibility and available cost savings, as well as other benefits, from a full deployment of the software across Fortum's fleet.

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