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EPB Chattanooga Commissions Advanced Distribution Management System

Feb. 12, 2014
Open Systems International, Inc. has announced the commissioning of its advanced SCADA/DMS at EPB, providing advanced smart grid modeling, analysis and automation capabilities.

Open Systems International, Inc. has announced the commissioning of its advanced SCADA/DMS at EPB, providing advanced smart grid modeling, analysis and automation capabilities, including Distribution Power Flow, Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration, Feeder Reconfiguration and Volt/VAR Control.

EPB, the Chattanooga, Tennessee, area’s electric power distributor is one of the leading utilities in the implementation of smart grid. As part of its long-running smart grid program, EPB has implemented a 100% fiber optic communications network, a full rollout of smart meters to all of its customers and a massive installation of over 1400 automated switches on its distribution network. With the implementation of OSI’s advanced SCADA/DMS, EPB has taken the next step in its smart grid program to monitor and control its highly automated sub-transmission and distribution networks and utilize advanced applications to improve system efficiency and reliability.

“EPB is pleased to be in production with our advanced SCADA/DMS from OSI. This will add another tool to help us provide the best possible service to our community by enhancing our situational awareness and automation capabilities, further improving EPB’s operational efficiency through energy management, resource allocation and asset management,” said Jim Glass, EPB Manager of Smart Grid Development.

OSI’s advanced DMS solution at EPB, Spectra DMS is an integrated solution for advanced management of distribution system operations. It provides a real-time operating model of the distribution network with a powerful user interface, distribution power flow, online study mode and operator training simulator. The advanced applications in production at EPB include Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR), Feeder Reconfiguration (FR), Fault Protection Analysis (FPA) and integrated Volt/VAR Control (VVC). The Spectra DMS at EPB is integrated with GIS for periodic incremental update of the DMS data. It also features a real-time interface for maintaining switch synchronization between the DMS and EPB’s Outage Management System and receipt of demand reduction schedules from TVA through EPB’s Demand Response Application.

In 1935, the City of Chattanooga, Tennessee established EPB as a nonprofit agency to provide electric power to the greater Chattanooga area. Today, EPB remains one of the largest publicly-owned electric power distributors in the country, serving roughly 170,000 homes and businesses. Using a 100% fiber optic network as its backbone, EPB has built a next-generation electric system that includes communication capabilities designed to reduce the impact of power outages, improve response time and allow customers greater control of their electric power usage. This same fiber optic backbone is allowing EPB to offer high-speed internet, TV and phone service to business and residential customers community-wide. In September 2010, EPB became the first company in the United States to offer one gigabit-per-second internet speed to the entire service territory.

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