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Industrial Wireless Routers Support Utilities

Feb. 12, 2014
Provides Flexibility as Critical Communications Infrastructure and Distribution Networks Grow Enables Highly Secure, Open Standards Communication to Connect Field Equipment, Operations and Crews Ease of Integration Reduces Complexity and Cost of Network Management

With increased pressure to improve the reliability and stability of their operations, utilities and industrial companies must ensure that their communication infrastructure connects all of their equipment and field personnel to gather an accurate, real-time view of their operations and asset performance, regardless of location, terrain or environment. GE has announced a new platform of industrial wireless routers for utilities to allow them to easily and cost-effectively expand their communication infrastructures using a range of technologies.

The MDS Orbit Platform is GE’s next-generation wireless communications solution that integrates cellular, private, licensed and unlicensed networks in one device, delivering secure communication between field crews and industrial equipment and bringing valuable asset and operational data from the field to the operations center. With a variety of wireless technologies, high bandwidth and performance, low latency and advanced security options, the MDS Orbit Platform gives infrastructure operators the data they need to understand how their applications are performing in the field.

“Today’s utilities and energy-intensive industries require secure communications to operate critical assets that drive today’s global economy. Our newest platform provides security controls that can play an important part in a transmission operator’s cybersecurity compliance program and in improving their security posture,” said Tom Mueller, general manager, industrial communications for GE’s Digital Energy business. “Our new family of industrial wireless routers allows our customers to reach across broad geographies and challenging terrains to capture real-time data from their assets, support field personnel and improve the reliability of their infrastructure.”

A comprehensive security framework provides MDS Orbit Platform customers the functions and tools they need to meet current cybersecurity requirements and regulations.

The MDS Orbit Platform also includes advanced system performance features such as enabling low latency IEC 61850 Generic Object Oriented Substation Events messaging. This provides utilities with the rapid response capability required for protection and control data transfer—over a multiuse wireless network—while at the same time allowing simultaneous use of the wireless network for applications such as video and voice, which are less time critical and data intensive.

With an easy-to-use interface that reduces the complexity of provisioning, maintenance, training and support, the MDS Orbit Platform family includes:

  • MDS Orbit MCR 3G and 4G—Allows customers to marry private communication networks with public communication carriers through 3G and LTE technologies.
  • MDS Orbit Wi-Fi—Allows for workforce automation and Wi-Fi-enabled devices to securely and cost-efficiently communicate asset information.
  • MDS Orbit MCR 900—Delivers a private unlicensed solution for high-speed communications on distribution networks.
  • MDS Orbit MCR WiMAX—GE’s open standard WiMAX offering.

With -40 to +70 degrees Celsius temperature ratings and a rugged, compact design, all products in the MDS Orbit Platform are ideal for mission-critical operations and customers who operate in challenging terrains and environments.

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