'Internet of Things' Licensing Agreement Launched Between ioBridge and Schneider Electric

Dec. 25, 2013
ioBridge, Inc. has announced a new licensing agreement with Schneider Electric.

ioBridge, Inc. has announced a new licensing agreement with Schneider Electric. ioBridge, which helps companies simply and cost-effectively connect products to the web, sees the agreement as a major step for the "Internet of Things"—networked connections among people, products, and data—market as a whole.

"For years the Internet of Things was cost prohibitive—often relegated to niche, one-off projects. As price points continue to come down, you're going to see more and more global manufacturing companies looking to Internet-enable small products," said Robert Mawrey. "We're starting to move more toward an 'Internet of Small Things'—a focus on little things that will ultimately have a much bigger impact," he added. 

By looking to ioBridge, companies such as Schneider Electric are sending a clear signal that the Internet of Things and the need to connect small and inexpensive products to the web has finally moved from hype and unrealized potential to real demand for practical business applications.

Flexible and Cost-Effective Platform

Companies have the flexibility to use the most cost-effective hardware from any supplier or use ioBridge's reference designs and modules. By leveraging their patented technology, businesses looking to produce Internet-enabled products can get to market quickly and cost-effectively.

Easy to Implement and Operate

ioBridge products are designed to be incredibly easy to implement and operate. Typically, this means no firewall or network changes, firmware that can be updated remotely, and a full suite of support software tools.

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