Wireless Enclosure Systems Protect SCADA and Wireless Backhaul Communications

Dec. 12, 2013
Preconfigured, radio-specific enclosures feature first-to-market technology that remotely monitors backup battery health.

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure has announced its new line of fully integrated Outdoor Wireless Enclosure Systems designed for DragonWave, FreeWave, and GE MDS radios, as well as other radios and cellular modems that enable industrial SCADA, wireless backhaul, and broadband communications.

Ventev’s turnkey enclosure systems feature the innovative Battery Test Remote Monitor (BTRM) – a first-to-market technology that allows for the remote monitoring of the backup battery health of equipment relied upon to relay critical data. The BTRM performs automatic battery load tests and then uses Ethernet or DNP3 communication protocols to send alerts via SNMP, text or email. This ability to monitor backup power ensures that it is always functional and that if widespread power fails, all systems will operate for the designated amount of backup time.

In addition, the battery monitor reduces expenses by allowing network administrators to replace batteries only when they no longer meet capacity requirements and by reducing frequency of truck rolls to replace batteries. The versatile BTRM also can be configured to monitor and provide remote alerts for other types of conditions, such as a door alarm or the status of various systems.

Ventev’s Outdoor Wireless Enclosure Systems contain ample power and space for two radios (or a radio and cell modem), radio interface, and offer the environmental protection to manage hot and cold temperatures. The enclosure systems’ flexible design easily accommodates additional components such as networking equipment; data management equipment (including PLC, RTU and switches); power conversion equipment; and cable grounding and lightning protection. These components can be installed in the Ventev factory prior to deployment.

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