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Tdworld 1394 Techweek Europe600
Tdworld 1394 Techweek Europe600
Tdworld 1394 Techweek Europe600
Tdworld 1394 Techweek Europe600

Trilliant Extends Platform with Next-Generation Smart Meter M2M System

Oct. 23, 2013
Trilliant has introduced its next-generation Smart Meter M2M System.

Trilliant has introduced its next-generation Smart Meter M2M System, allowing utilities flexibility to choose meters and mobile network operators while ensuring a secure and scalable smart meter solution. 

With the recent decision by the UK government to use mobile networks as a key component of the British smart meter rollout, the viability of mobile networks to connect a smart meter system has been validated.  The Trilliant Smart Meter M2M System, which has been successfully deployed for smart metering in the UK, helps utilities and mobile network operators (MNOs) deploy smart meter and smart grid communications projects with the confidence that the systems are secure, scalable, and flexible. 

Trilliant new Smart Meter M2M System includes a number of new innovations:

  • Purpose built for smart metering
    • Full-featured support for utility metering processes such as meter reading, connect/disconnect, time of use tariffs, and data privacy
    • Extended support for future enhancement such as pre-pay, debt recovery, meter disablement and enablement
    • Meter agnostic, with built-in support for DLMS/COSEM and ANSI standards-based meters
  • Optimised use of mobile networks
    • Autonomous data push for scheduled activities
    • Engineered to reduce network congestion
    • Built to work in the constrained environment of legacy IPv4 networks, and to exploit the benefits of new IPv6 networks
    • Supports customisable roaming rules
    • Compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G networks
  • Advanced security and customer data protection
    • Mutual device authentication
    • Secure data transfers with digital envelopes and Transport-Layer Security (TLS)
    • Certificate and key rotation and certificate revocation
    • Application-level authentication and role based access control (RBAC)
  • Scalable for the largest utilities
    • Highly efficient, multi-threaded task engine
    • Modularised application architecture
    • Horizontal scalability of cloud software through virtual machines
    • Full over-the-air upgrade support for communications and meters
  • Access to Trilliant's multi-technology platform
    • Trilliant's broad platform allows customers to choose the right technology to meet cost and performance targets

Purpose-built for smart metering and able to link to existing MNO M2M management platforms, the Trilliant Smart Metering M2M System gives utilities a fully integrated connectivity experience, from commissioning of smart meters to downloading of energy tariffs and requests for meter data. Trilliant is working with industry partners to accelerate the deployment of the Smart Meter M2M System in smart meter rollouts across Europe and around the world.

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