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Smart Grid Network Delivers Multiple Communications Options

Oct. 9, 2013
Itron, Inc. has announced that its OpenWay smart grid network is now available on a global scale.

Itron, Inc.'s OpenWay smart grid network is now available on a global scale. OpenWay is an advanced IP network that supports multiple smart grid applications and devices over an interoperable, secure, enterprise-class network infrastructure. The network addresses key drivers and business needs of utilities around the globe, from improvement in grid reliability to support for consumer engagement and energy efficiency.

Itron’s global OpenWay network connects utilities with their customers and grid assets using multiple communication options – RF Mesh, cellular, power line carrier (PLC) – based on localized protocols and standards. The OpenWay communication network is managed under Itron’s unified data collection and management platform, streamlining the meter-to-cash business process regardless of communication method.

The OpenWay network also features Itron and Cisco’s jointly designed IPv6 reference architecture to ensure device interoperability and multi-service operations using common information technology tools along with a unified network security architecture. Cisco’s Connected Grid Network Management System provides enterprise-class network management for all field area devices, ensuring business functions adhere to established quality of service levels. This results in a network architecture that is highly scalable, secure and adaptable to changing needs.

OpenWay features data collection, network and asset monitoring and control capabilities that, when combined with Itron Analytics and Itron-developed or other third-party devices and applications, provide a powerful suite of smart grid applications – such as distribution automation, demand response and renewables integration – to utilities, energy service providers and customers. The advanced architecture provides Itron with the ability to embed its OpenWay communications technology into third-party devices for both grid- and customer-facing applications. Itron also combines OpenWay with comprehensive managed services to simplify deployment and lower the overall total cost of ownership for utilities.

The OpenWay network also leverages the broader Cisco Connected Grid Developer Network, which represents a growing ecosystem of technology providers spanning the entire smart grid value chain.

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