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New Home Area Network Devices Available To Help SDG&E Customers Save Energy

Sept. 26, 2013
San Diego Gas & Electric customers now have more choices with home area network devices available on the retail market.

San Diego Gas & Electric customers now have more choices with home area network devices available on the retail market. HAN devices display information on how much energy their home or business is using in near real-time and help identify high energy use appliances. Six additional devices that are compatible with SDG&E smart meters have been added to the list of HAN products.  SDG&E has also worked with the device manufacturers to set up discounts on each device exclusively for the utility's customers.

A total of nine HAN devices are now available, which allow customers to view their energy use directly on the devices, on smartphone apps or on their personal computer. Customers can visit for a complete list of validated HAN devices available to purchase including an overview of the easy process to connect a device to their electric smart meter.

By setting up a HAN device, SDG&E customers are able to see how much energy their whole home is using. They can also determine approximately how much energy various appliances in their home are using, such as a second refrigerator or outdoor patio light. Turning these appliances on and off, while watching the kilowatts and estimated cost per hour go up or down, provides instant insight into their home's energy use. With the internet-enabled programmable communicating thermostats, customers can now take greater control over one of the highest energy-use appliances, their heating and air conditioning system. These thermostats feature easy programming and remote access control via smart phone apps and web portals.

"We are pleased to provide access to a variety of new types of home area network devices for our customers, allowing even more choice, convenience and control over their energy use," said Caroline Winn, SDG&E's vice president of customer services. "The available discounts make it even easier for our customers to get a jump-start on identifying high energy use appliances and taking action to lower their bills."

Seven third-party in-home displays and two programmable communicating thermostats are available on the list, and range in price from approximately $40 to $340 (before the discounts). All devices listed have been tested and validated for smart meter compatibility.

Customers who purchase and install HAN devices are eligible to receive a higher bill credit on Reduce Your Use days with the enabling technology credit of $1.25 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) saved when SDG&E activates Reduce Your Use on hot days when electricity demand is higher than usual.

SDG&E has developed a simple process for customers who have purchased a validated HAN device in the retail market to pair that device with the utility smart meter.  Utility customers can start the process to connect a HAN device to their smart meter by completing the online form at or by contacting SDG&E's Energy Savings Center at 800-644-6133 or [email protected].

SDG&E continues to ensure additional HAN devices are tested for smart meter compatibility and to verify the data is secure on the utility's network. More information on this test process is available at

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