SAMsix Uses WordLogic’s Predictive Text to Deliver Emergency Response to Outages

March 28, 2013
WordLogic Corp., the predictive intelligence technology company that develops patented solutions for mobiles, tablets and desktops, has announced that SAMsix is integrating WordLogic’s predictive text technology into its Emergency Management Suite.

WordLogic Corp. has announced that SAMsix is integrating WordLogic’s predictive text technology into its Emergency Management Suite, used by utility companies around the world to coordinate responses to natural disasters and extreme weather events. Thanks to the inclusion of WordLogic’s cloud-based solution, control center operators, emergency response crews and their supervisors will be able to use their laptops and touch-screen devices to rapidly and accurately send critical information about outages to where it’s needed, with the ability to communicate complex technical information and crucial safety messages with just a few taps and swipes rather than from a limited list of choices or typing in long character sequences.

SAMSix’s products and services are already being used by utility companies, including National Grid, Consolidated Edison and Iberdrola. As was seen when hurricane Sandy decimated much of the East Coast of the United States last October, the loss of power to homes and businesses can not only make a difficult situation worse for families and businesses, but it can also have a major impact on the speed of recovery and rebuilding. With a large-scale event like a hurricane, hundreds and even thousands of engineers and support staff are needed in the field, using an array of devices, from smart phones to laptops, to share and coordinate crucial information.

Example phrases that are dynamically predicted from just a few letters include:

  • “crew to cut-in breaks on bank pole so station can be energized”
  • "cutout closed at 3/14”
  • "phase down”
  • "tree work complete”
  • "tree blocking road on top of primary”

Being able to increase the accuracy of these reports and ensure they are all using common terminology improves both the understanding of the problems, and the speed of decision making as a result. By using WordLogic, SAMsix’s specialized messaging system now includes multiple customized dictionaries that allow for phrase prediction for electric system damage assessment, emergency resources management and public emergency services management, depending on the user and the situation.

“In any situation where there’s a loss of power, there’s a wider risk to both people and any connected services - for example transport infrastructure. So being able to share information from engineers in the field and build an accurate picture of what is going on is essential,” said Steve McMaster at SAMsix. “Using WordLogic as part of that information chain will not only help get information to the right people faster, but also means more consistent communication even when using complex technical language.”

WordLogic’s solutions are built on a number of recognized international patents. Unlike rival solutions that can only predict single words, WordLogic’s patented WordChunking technology predicts letters, words and entire phrases, and continuously learns new ones. Its patented Gesturing technology also lets workers enter words and phrases on their devices at high speed and with full accuracy, simply with small movements of their fingers.

WordLogic for Business is optimized to run on Android tablets and smartphones as well as desktop PCs. It can also be used with custom touchscreen devices, such as touchscreen PDAs used by couriers and delivery companies. WordLogic for Business automatically syncs across all devices currently in use and delivers a consistent, high-quality experience for the end-user, irrespective of the device or platform they are using. Companies seeking to adopt predictive text can build WordLogic for Business into their existing IT infrastructure using WordLogic’s simple SDK.

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