RTU Expansion Module Adds I/O to Unit

Aug. 8, 2007
Open Systems International, Inc. has released its OSIRIS XM (OSI Remote Information System Expansion Module)

Open Systems International, Inc. has released the OSIRIS XM (OSI Remote Information System Expansion Module). OSIRIS XM is a convenient and affordable means to add I/O expansion to OSI’s OSIRISLinux-based secure Remote Terminal Unit (RTU). OSIRIS XM can double or triple the point count of an OSIRIS unit (up to 48 digital inputs, 24 relay outputs and 24 DC analog inputs), effectively transferring the versatility, security and power of OSIRIS to additional points.

Designed for the electric power, gas, communications and water industries, OSIRIS was developed to address the security, network connectivity and general feature limitations of legacy remote terminal units. (OSIRIS is an acronym for OSI remote information system).

OSIRIS is a next-generation remote telemetry unit using the open source Linux operating system and a powerful RISC processor. The unit features a small form-factor and has multi-functional capabilities; it is configurable as a slave or master device and can be used as a data concentrator, secure substation gateway or a secure and hardened communications router. OSIRIS supports SSL and encryption as well as other active built-in intelligent security measures. It supports a variety of serial and IP-based protocols including Modbus, DNP3, secure DNP, IEC and SEL.

OSIRIS XM is identical to OSIRIS in point count. Terminal blocks can be transferred without disturbing field wiring, and it is seamlessly supported by the OSIRIS configuration utility. It uses the built-in security features of OSIRIS to deliver secure communications over serial or IP-based connections.

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