Trimble Announces Updated Mapping, GIS Software with New Postprocessing Engine

Dec. 9, 2009
Trimble has announced significant updates to its entire portfolio of mapping and GIS field and office software products.

Trimble has announced significant updates to its entire portfolio of mapping and GIS field and office software products. These enhancements focus on improved Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) accuracy for data collection under a variety of conditions that deliver additional benefits to users of Trimble Mapping & GIS solutions. With the introduction of a new postprocessing engine, Trimble has further enhanced its powerful set of GNSS postprocessing tools, improving accuracy and consistency of data collected from all Trimble mapping and GIS equipment, even in multipath and canopy environments. A key addition to the set of tools is Trimble DeltaPhase technology, a revolutionary new technique for improving the accuracy of GNSS code measurements.

With Trimble DeltaPhase technology, results from receivers such as the GeoXT handheld and GPS Pathfinder ProXT show 50 cm accuracy in good environments and improved yield under canopy and in multipath prone areas. Results are also significantly improved for the Juno series handhelds with postprocessed accuracy now in the 1- to 3-meter range.

For H-Star technology receivers such as the GeoXH handheld and GPS Pathfinder ProXH, the new postprocessing engine uses the latest high-precision GNSS technologies to achieve decimeter (10 cm) horizontal and vertical accuracy with greater consistency at longer baselines, in tougher environments, and with shorter occupations.

Another key enhancement is the improvement of productivity through higher position yield -- the proportion of quality GNSS positions that can be recorded in a given environment -- both before and after postprocessing. By leveraging a more sophisticated data collection engine, satellite masks can be adjusted to allow more signals to contribute to the overall solution. When working in moderate canopy environments yield improvements are expected to be approximately 20 percent and higher.

The new software updates also provide support for GLONASS data collection. GLONASS measurements can now be logged with the GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver with the GLONASS option enabled, and GLONASS postprocessing is supported directly in Trimble Mapping & GIS office software.

"The release of these software updates demonstrates the value Trimble is providing to our customers by allowing them to leverage their existing hardware and software investment through the continuous improvement of GNSS position calculations. Whether you are a forester working under canopy or a city engineer working in an urban canyon environment, the accuracy improvements will be significant," said Peter Large, general manager for Trimble's Mapping & GIS Division. "The postprocessing enhancements delivered through our new engine, which include the new Trimble DeltaPhase technology, complement our real-time solutions, providing the highest levels of accuracy regardless of the data collection workflow requirements."

Software updates now available for download by eligible customers include TerraSync and GPS Pathfinder Office software, Trimble GPScorrect and GPS Analyst extensions, and the GPS Pathfinder Software Development Kit (SDK).

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