ComEd, Comverge Introduce Load Guard Automated Price Response Service

June 21, 2007
ComEd and Comverge have launched Load Guard Automated Price Response Service, another innovation in demand response programs available to ComEd residential customers.

ComEd and Comverge have launched Load Guard Automated Price Response Service, a demand response program available to ComEd residential customers. The Load Guard service is designed for "set-and-forget" price responsive load control for individual ComEd Residential Real-Time Pricing participants, who have central air conditioning units, Internet access to the energy management portal, and a ComEd Nature First control switch installed.

"Load Guard makes it easier for customers to respond to electricity price signals," said Sharon Hillman, ComEd vice president of Marketing and Environmental Programs. "ComEd Real-Time Pricing Program participants can see how electricity prices change by the hour, so they can adjust their usage habits -- and save money on their electricity bills."

The price level at which Load Guard will be activated is selected by program participants through, which monitors electricity prices continuously. When the selected price level is reached, Load Guard switches the participant's central A/C unit into a conservation mode for the following two-hour period. Upon completion of a two-hour conservation period, if the current price remains above the desired level, then another conservation period will automatically follow.

"The very nature of this program illustrates the ability to provide truly price responsive demand response based on customer choice," said Robert M. Chiste, Chairman, President and CEO of Comverge, Inc. "The linkage of demand response to real-time price signals through automated systems creates a true win-win solution. The customer is empowered with customer choice of energy usage and the energy provider is able to operate with real-time pricing for their customers."

The innovative, new "set-and-forget" Load Guard web-based price response service can be activated for ComEd residential customers who participate in both the ComEd RRTP program and the ComEd Nature First program. Please see for details.

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