Israel Electric Corp. Awards IT and SAP Services Contracts

April 19, 2011
Israel Electric Corp., Israel’s monopoly power supplier, has awarded a two-year IT services contract.

Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), Israel’s monopoly power supplier, has awarded a two-year IT services contract and a $17.3 million SAP contract. Accenture will provide IEC with guidance and support on six projects covering roadmaps, application systems, a smart electrical grid, business intelligence, enterprise architecture and business continuity. Accenture experts will support IEC in all phases of the projects from project planning to implementation, including selecting suppliers and designing quality control processes.

Ness Technologies, Inc. has been awarded an engagement to implement SAP-based projects, including software testing. The projects include implementation of SAP solutions for the maintenance of power stations and the electricity, network, real estate management, and financing transactions. The implementation of these solutions will be conducted over the next five years. In addition to implementing the projects, Ness will continue to help in the maintenance of IEC's existing SAP ERP over the next five years.

The IT service projects form part of IEC’s IT master plan designed to enable it to provide a more efficient service to consumers, introduce new technological innovations across the company and enhance the safety and reliability of the electricity distribution network.

IEC awarded the contract following Accenture’s delivery of the IT master plan, developed with IEC in 2009. The plan covers the company’s strategy in three areas: applications for all IEC’s divisions including production, transformation and distribution, logistics, finance and strategic resources; infrastructure and technology solutions; and an examination of operational and organizational models.

Yossi Shnek, CIO IEC: "The IT master plan for the years 2010-2015 is an ambitious plan which will provide IEC advanced IT and communications systems that fit the needs of an organization of this magnitude and importance to the national economy. The plan covers 20 IT and communications projects performed by employees of IEC’s IT Department with expert support in various areas from Accenture and a number of other companies"

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