AssetTracker Supports Smart Grid Asset Tracking and Management

Sept. 8, 2011
INFRAX SYSTEMS, Inc. has launched a new application for end to end management of utility assets and resources.

INFRAX SYSTEMS, Inc. has launched a new application for end-to-end management of utility assets and resources. The Infrax AssetTracker solution provides for complete inventory management of utility smart grid assets including meters, collectors and concentrators, as well as all substation and field deployable assets.

AssetTracker validates inventory and equipment information received via RFID from tagged assets and seamlessly provides that information across the enterprise bus of an electric utility in a format customizable for each utility. Access to real time information provides operations personnel with the ability to locate material, track consumption and streamline procurement.

Asset management has long been a goal of utilities, especially in times of storms and weather-related circumstances. Disaster response can be greatly improved through comprehensive reporting on asset and material location and availability. The AssetTracker allows utility vehicles to be quickly and accurately inventoried each time they are deployed and return for restocking. Mobile solutions are also available to relay asset utilization over wireless links on a real time basis from the site of a service interruption.

Infrax's asset management solutions can be deployed as standalone solutions or integrated into the Infrax Secure Intelligent Energy Platform. The product line comprises modular applications that are able to function independently or as a complete suite based on a utility's requirements.

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