Macrosoft Now Offers Analysis of Emergency Restoration Programs for utilities

Nov. 17, 2010
Macrosoft Inc. has expanded its services to include expert analysis of emergency restoration programs for utilities.

Macrosoft Inc. has expanded its services to include expert analysis of emergency restoration programs for utilities. Using a team of experienced utility operations experts, Macrosoft is now able to provide resource management process assessment; restoration plan and regulatory assessment and restoration table-top exercise. Executives receive a detailed report identifying the strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats (SWOT) of their current plans and procedures.

Integral to this new service offering, Macrosoft provides a team with practical experience in restoration management and emergency planning that work with a client team of subject-matter experts. Together they formulate an Emergency Restoration Table-Top Exercise with the scenario based on the utilities' operations plan and process, communications plan and process and logistics plan and process. Macrosoft designs and facilitates a table-top exercise and furnishes a detailed report containing observations and recommendations.

Among the Macrosoft team are former VPs and directors of large North American utilities. Their responsibilities included all U.S. emergency planning activities, business continuity and disaster planning criteria, leveraging cross functional teams, process changes and IT systems. Macrosoft experts have first hand experience in managing the response to numerous storms and hurricanes over the last few decades.

"Beyond our technology solution Macrosoft now offers a portfolio of Emergency Restoration Planning Services to utilities," said Jason Singer, director of Macrosoft's Utilities Practice. "We work with clients to increase their readiness, maximize their emergency response capability while saving money. We are proud to offer these new services helping our clients examine their current procedures and assist in increasing their emergency response effectiveness."

Some large utilities in North America currently use Macrosoft's Resources on-Demand (RoD) to respond to emergencies. Resources on-Demand provides decision makers: immediate access to restoration personnel and equipment information, live feeds from crew callout and other systems, estimated crew costs and expenditure tracking, the ability to manage crew lodging and staging site logistics, and real-time, snapshot and historical reports.

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