Telvent Releases ArcFM Solution 9.3 Rev2

April 23, 2009
Telvent has announced the availability of ArcFM 9.3 Rev2, the newest version of the ArcFM Solution.

Telvent has announced the availability of ArcFM 9.3 Rev2, the newest version of the ArcFM Solution. Telvent’s latest ArcFM Geographic Information System (GIS) release provides numerous product enhancements, tool additions, and expanded functionalities for electric, gas, water, and wastewater utilities.

ArcFM Solution is the enterprise GIS application that provides a single utility network representation and allows integration of business and operational applications. As such, it is the foundation of Telvent’s Smart Grid Solution targeting efficient electric energy supply. ArcFM 9.3 Rev2 reflects the following upgrades that serve all utilities and help support smart grid initiatives:

  • ArcFM offers a variety of new functionality and enhancements including:
  • Stored Items- Organize and categorize stored displays, page templates and stored documents.
  • Mass Create Related Objects- Add related objects to multiple selected features in the Attribute Editor.
  • Attribute Editor- Tree view enhancements significantly decrease the time necessary to load related objects.

ArcFM Geodatabase Manager enables administrators to automate reconcile and post processes on versioned geodatabases, streamlining database size and maximizing performance. Key features include preconfigured, out-of-the-box reconcile and post services; stand-alone product and licensing architecture; and a single, multi-faceted dialog interface.

ArcFM Server includes a new Attribute Viewer with an easy-to-use tabular view of data fields, featuring drag-and-drop columns and field sorting capabilities, new map interaction tools, and hooks for custom tools.

  • Fiber Manager enhancements include:
  • Flexible Data Model- Support for deviations from the out-of-the-box fiber data model.
  • Location Editor- Provides a simple means to edit installed equipment configurations.
  • ArcFM Mobile applications
  • Performance Improvements- Mobile is roughly 90% faster when opening and closing mobile sessions and designs.
  • Simplified Configuration- Fewer moving parts and easier implementation
  • Round-trip Editing- Full support for round-trip and multiple out-and-back editing workflows.
  • Reporting- Includes extensible Mobile edits reporting and Geodatabase Replication log tracking.
  • Responder contains many new improvements and enhancements including:
  • Extended Feeder Manager (EFM) Support - Supports multiple-voltage, hierarchical networks that have been configured to use EFM.
  • Incident Details Dockable Window - Allows faster access to customers, calls, callbacks, and loadpoints.
  • Abnormal Devices Tab - Additional Responder Explorer tab to track all electric devices currently involved in an incident. Filters display normal, abnormal, or all devices, with right click tools to Pan, Zoom, and Highlight.
  • Symbolize Backfed and De-Energized Feeders - Functionality to explicitly symbolize conductors that are de-energized or backfed as a result of an incident or switching order.
  • Switch Order Filters - New filters in Responder Explorer display incidents based on whether a switch order is attached.
  • Crew Status Change Editor - Dialog to edit the time a crew is changing status.
  • Filter Archive by Region - New Archive Explorer filter that returns incidents in a particular region for a specified time period.
  • Specify Time of Outage - Customer Service Representatives may now specify the time an outage occurred when entering a call.

The Smart Grid Solution now supports Network Adapter export of multi-voltage hierarchical networks to DMS. The Network Adapter user interface displays networks in an easy-to-navigate tree, allowing the user to select substations or circuits for export. The user can select circuits for export with or without circuits downstream of them in the hierarchy.

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