Telemetric to Support General Electric KV2C Meters

May 8, 2008
Telemetric Corp. has unveiled the availability of an end-to-end wireless communication solution for the GE kV2c commercial & industrial meters.

Telemetric Corp. has announced the availability of an end-to-end wireless communication solution for the GE kV2c commercial & industrial meters. Unlike piecemeal solutions where the customer is forced to integrate communication hardware, wireless networks and software from multiple vendors, the Telemetric solution provides an integrated end-to-end solution of intelligent digital cellular hardware, digital cellular communications over the AT&T wireless network, and Telemetric’s PowerVista software.

The benefit to the customer is the ability to deploy powerful two-way remote C&I metering solutions rapidly and cost-effectively, with no infrastructure investment required. Telemetric’s open system based upon ANSI C12 meter protocol, a digital IP-based cellular network, and PowerVista software enable flexible applications and integration of meter data to the customer’s meter data management system. This solution is ideal for situations where utilities need real-time metering data and alarms such as delivery point or commercial and industrial metering.

Telemetric’s Remote Telemetry Module (RTM) for C12 metering provides the communication hardware solution for the GE kV2c meter. Unlike a simple modem, the Telemetric RTM is an intelligent communications processor with integrated digital GSM/GPRS cellular radio. The RTM supports a user-customizable ANSI C12 meter ‘profile’ that can be configured to read any of the kV2c’s ANSI table values – including active, reactive and apparent energy, demand, TOU, alarms and meter identification data. The RTM’s ANSI C12 profile and configuration can be changed over the digital cellular network.

Besides the ability to query any of the meter’s C12 data points at any time, the user can configure meter alarms or analog range changes which the RTM reports immediately as "report by exception."

In addition, time scheduled reporting of meter data can be setup to provide energy or demand data as frequently as every one minute. This intelligence allows for efficient and flexible real-time advanced metering applications.

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